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Telegram from the Finnish Legation in Moscow to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, June 23, 1940

Commissar Molotov stated that Russia is interested in the Petsamo nickel resources, located not far from Russia, and asked whether we would grant the nickel concession to the Soviet Union, or agree to the establishment of a Finnish-Russian company, or make some other arrangement. I promised to report the matter to the government. I pointed out that the concession had been granted to an English corporation, and that we are probably legally bound in the matter, but that if we are free to act, we would be just as pleased to sell nickel to the Soviet Union as to others.


Source: Finland reveals her secret documents on Soviet policy, March 1940—June 1941. Doc. nr. 14. Wilfred Funk, New York 1941.
The book is a verbatim translation of the "Blue-White Book" published by the Foreign Ministry of Finland, 1941.

The contemporary Peoples' Commissariat for Foreign Affairs report on the Paasikivi-Molotov discussion (in Russian).

Finland in the Soviet foreign policy 1939-1940