In Finnish
Telegram from the Finnish Legation in Moscow to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, June 28, 1940

After I had finished my conversation with Commissar Molotov on June 27 about the nickel affair covered by my telegram I pointed out that the trade treaty was ready and should be signed before the departure of Kotilainen. M. Molotov answered that he wished first to take up the question of the Aaland Islands which Finland had fortified. The USSR attitude was now the same as in the spring of last year, namely, that the Aaland Islands must not be fortified, but that if Finland wishes to fortify the Aaland Islands, fortification must be carried out jointly with the USSR, and on the basis of a joint agreement. The USSR also wishes to control that the Aaland Islands are unfortified, regarding all of which an agreement should be reached between Finland and the USSR. I remarked that this attitude differed from that expressed by Messrs. Stalin and Molotov last autumn, namely, that Finland may fortify the Aaland Islands if she does so alone. To this M. Molotov replied that the USSR had changed its attitude in this respect also since our last war, although he had not wished to take up the matter at the peace negotiations in order that no new difficulties might arise. When I pointed out that there was no connection between the Aaland Islands and the Petsamo nickel concession on the one hand and the trade treaty on the other, which could be signed now, M. Molotov answered that the USSR was prepared to conclude a trade treaty to help Finland, which is in a difficult position, and hoped that Finland for her part would arrange the Petsamo concession and the matter of the Aaland Islands to the satisfaction of the USSR. Kotilainen and Gartz will give an account of our negotiations. Paasikivi


Source: Finland reveals her secret documents on Soviet policy, March 1940—June 1941. Doc. nr. 16. Wilfred Funk, New York 1941.
The book is a verbatim translation of the "Blue-White Book" published by the Foreign Ministry of Finland, 1941.

The contemporary Peoples' Commissariat for Foreign Affairs report on the Paasikivi-Molotov discussion (in Russian).

Finland in the Soviet foreign policy 1939-1940