Denial by TASS on Nov. 12, 1939

British newspaper "Daily Express" publishes a report from a correspondent of the agency "Exchange Telegraph" from Helsinki that "Stalin again rejected the recent concessions that were made by Finland."
TASS is authorized to declare that the message "Daily Express" is completely untrue. There are no "last concessions" made by the Finns, which is why J.V. Stalin could not reject what did not exist. According to Tass, the Finns not only do not go to meet the minimum proposed by the Soviet Union, but, on the contrary, increase her intransigence. Until recently, in the Karelian Isthmus Finns had two or three divisions at the front against Leningrad, and now they have increased the number of divisions, hanging over Leningrad, to seven, demonstrating their intransigence by this.

"Izvestiya" nr. 261 (7031) on November 12, 1939.

Source: [The highest party school at CPSU Central Committee.] Foreign policy of the USSR. Collection of documents. T. IV. No. 370. Moscow — 1946.

Finland in the Soviet foreign policy 1939-1940