On November 26, 1939

According to the staff of the Leningrad district on November 26, at 15 o'clock 45 minutes, our armies located a kilometer northwest of Mainila, were unexpectedly fired from the Finnish territory with cannon fire. In total, Finns made seven cannon shots. Three Red Army men and one younger commander are killed, seven Red Army men, one younger commander and one second lieutenant were wounded. For investigation on a place the chief of the first department of the District Staff, colonel Tikhomirov, was sent there. Provocation caused huge indignation in the units located around the area under the artillery raid by the Finns.

"Pravda" No. 328 (8013) from November 27, 1939.

Source: [Highest Party School of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party.] Foreign policy of the USSR. Collection of documents. T. IV. No. 372. Moscow — 1946.

Finland in the Soviet foreign policy 1939-1940