November 28, 1939.

According to the staff of the Leningrad Region on November 28, at 17 o'clock, in the area of the isthmus between the peninsulas of Kalastajasaarento [Rybachi and Sredny] a group of Finnish soldiers - five people, seeing our squad moving along the border, fired it, trying to grasp it. Our squad began to retreat. Actions of an appropriate group from our side threw the Finns back to their territory. In pursuit there were captured three soldiers, and the rest went to the depth of their territory. On our side, there are no losses. From prisoner were captured two rifles, one revolver, two binoculars, ammunition, rocket launcher. The protection of the state border in this sector was reinforced. At 18 o'clock in the height of 204.2 the Finns fired 5 shots from rifles at us. Our side did not answer.

According to the staff of the Leningrad Region on November 28 in Vitlitsa region there were two cannon shots launched by the Finns in direction Käsnäselkä. They fell in our territory, 500 meters east of boundary mark No. 367 (7 kilometers west of Kolatselkä). Following this, a small group of Finnish infantry tried to cross the border at the same boundary mark, but they encountered rifle and machine gun fire from our side, and went back into their territory.

"Pravda" No. 330 (8015) on Nov. 29, 1939.

Source: [Highest party school at the CC of the CPSU.] USSR Foreign policy. Collection of documents. T. IV. No. 375. Moscow — 1946.

Machine assisted draft translation by Pauli Kruhse.

Finland in the Soviet foreign policy 1939-1940