NR. 6/3904

Dec. 2, 1939

The announcement of the Soviet government about the provocation of the Finnish warmongers was received with great anger and indignation by the workers in the city and region of Tula.

In massive demonstrations, meetings and discussions workers, collective farmers and the intelligentsia, showing indignation, seconded the note of the Soviet government, which expresses the opinion of the whole Soviet nation.

D., worker of the factory nr. 66, among fellow workers of the factory stated on Dec. 1: "Finland provoked us into war counting on the assistance of England and France but she will not succeed in it, she only looses teeth in tasting the granite of out borders. Let them know that we love peace and we will fight for it until the end. But we do know how to wage war, and we love to wage it for peace. And whenever the Soviet government calls we rise to defend our Motherland and we'll show what consequences might follow from the nonsense "ten Russkies make one Finn". Our Red Army is unlike the old tsarist army.

I., a worker in the factory 314 in Tula said on Nov. 28, as he discussed with fellow workers in the factory: "If the Red Army crosses the Finnish border, the Finnish people will immediately rise against its brainless rulers, and the same will happen as did in West Ukraine and Belorussia; the toilers of Finland really are tired of the malice of heir bourgeoisie and this must be stopped!"

S., worker of the factory nr. 66, said amidst of fellow workers of the factory on Dec. 1: "It still remains unclear what sort of assistance Finland is looking for when challenging the Soviet Union to war. Their military force can't be compared with ours and England and France will hardly come and help Finland. They simply want to pass the buck but to no avail."

A non-party 45 year old worker in the administration of the "Udarnik" Kolkhoz of Novo Kolpinskiy village soviet in Tchekinski rayon said amidst fellow kolkhoz farmers on Nov. 28: "We have to give a proper counterblow to Finland. If needed so will I, too, go and defend our Motherland."

Up till now the following statements of anti-Soviet elements are heard concerning what happens in Finland.

L., son of a former industrialist and worker of the 66th factory, said amidst people he knew on Nov. 27: "Finland alone is no adversary to the Soviet Union because of the unbalanced military force. But it is clear if England sets Finland on the Soviet Union, she will come and help Finland. When the war brokes out the situation is far more dangerous that what is thought here because England can't be compared with our country, it is both stronger and also wealthier."

N., a dismissed worker of 66th factory, expelled from the party because of his anti-Soviet statements said amidst fellow workers: "The war against Finland means waging war against England and France, who stay behind Finland, and this is a great force. A war against it means going to be defeated."

K., a worker in the conscription age in the 314th factory said on the 29th of November: "I didn't get any sleep last night. I was worried hearing that Finland goes on with her provocations. There will be a war again and we are quickly chased up there. I don't kow what I should do."

K., an accountant in the Glavtsvetmettorg office in Tula said amidst fellow workers on Nov. 27: "I don't believe that the Finns fired at us. I feel that it simply is our provocation to invade Finland."

H., worker in the 176th factory in Tula said while discussing with workers in the same factory on Nov. 27 this year: "Finland will attack our country on German orders because it was Germany who did not want West Ukraine and West Belorussia to be handed over to us and she will fight until she gets them back, that is why she set Finland on us. I believe that we will be defeated because there are so many countries against us!"

V., teacher of the 26. Tula school said amidst fellow teachers on Nov. 27: "The Soviet Union will be drawn into war, it is evident, there has been a blackout in Leningrad already for four days. The city will be blacked out every night".

D., a nun, declared on Nov. 25 in the city of Kaluga in presence of people who knew her: "According to the Holy Bible the Soviet power will soon meet its end, because all Western powers are against the Soviet Union and a war will be declared on it in 1940."

G., a factory worker argued on Nov. 27 in a discussion with his acquaintances: "The radio announcement concerning Finnish provocation is a hoax, this was a Soviet provocation in order to conquer Finland."

I., a ticket controller in the Tula municipal tram station said amidst fellow workers: "Our troops desire conquering Finland, totally for no reason, we have land enough but they still want more. It is difficult to understand what is going on."

A former priest N. said in discussion with his friends in Tula on Nov. 27: "The Soviet Union cannot avoid war with Finland. To whatever lengths they go with it, the war is inevitable. England, France and Germany will help Finland. They all come together and remove the Soviet Union from the surface of the earth."

On the 1st of 1939, an editorial worker E. of the Tula magazine "Molodoi kommunar" argued amidst of his acquaintances: "In addition to Finland, also England has spoken about declaring war on the Soviet Union."

Head of the NKVD administration in Tula rayon                      Head of the 2. department of UNKVD UGB in Tula rayon
Captain in the State security service                             Senior lieutenant in the State security service

Source: Puuttuvat dokumentit (missing documents). University of Helsinki, Department of World Cultures, The Russian and East European Studies. Part of the book Tuntematon talvisota. Neuvostoliiton salaisen poliisin kansiot (The Unknown Winter War. The Files of the Soviet Secret Police.). (Ed. Timo Vihavainen and Andrei Sakharov. Edita, 2009) missing doc. nr. 47. This page translated from Finnish by Pauli Kruhse, 2011.

Finland in the Soviet foreign policy 1939-1940