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The Reich Foreign Minister to the German Ambassador in the Soviet
Union (Schulenburg)

Draft Telegram

RAM 37 g. Rs. Berlin, September 16, 1940.

For the Ambassador personally.
Please call on Herr Molotov on the afternoon of September 21, if by that time you are not otherwise instructed, and communicate to him verbally and casually, preferably while engaged on another errand, the following:
The continued penetration of English planes into Germany and into the territories occupied by Germany makes it necessary to strengthen the defenses at several points, and particularly in northern Norway. Part of this reinforcement is an antiaircraft artillery battalion, which, with its equipment, is to be stationed in northern Norway. Investigation of the transport facilities revealed that for this purpose the route by way of Finland would present the least difficulty. This antiaircraft battery will presumably be landed near Haparanda on September 22 and transported to Norway, part way by rail, and the rest by road.
The Finnish Government, appreciating the special circumstances, has granted the German request to permit this transport to take place.
We are anxious to inform the Soviet Government of this step in advance. Wire report that instruction has been carried out.
We assume—and request express confirmation—that the Soviet government will keep this communication strictly secret.


Source: Nazi-Soviet relations 1939-1941. Documents from the Archives of The German Foreign Office. Washington, Department of State, publication 3023, 1948. (Also in Documents on German foreign policy, Series D, XI, Nr. 65, HMSO, London 1961)

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