1914              COLLECTION              Nr. 20

2nd (15th) of August.

Gracious Manifesto.

Imperial Manifesto about declaring a state of war between Russia and Austria-Hungary.

Promulgated on 26th of July (8th of August) 1914 in Nr. 202 of Collection of Governmental orders and decrees (Art. 2078).

We NICHOLAS II, by the Grace of God, Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, Czar of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland, etc., etc., etc.

Make it known to all OUR loyal subjects:
A few days ago WE notified the Russian people by a Manifesto about the war Germany had declared on US.
Now Austria-Hungary the originator of the global anxiety, who in the middle of the deepest peace took up the sword against weak Serbia, has thrown her mask away and declared war on Russia, who has many times saved her.
The enemy's strength increases: the both mighty German powers have taken arms against Russia and the whole Slavdom. But in double strength grows against them peaceful nations' justified anger and with invincible fortitude raises Russia, challenged on the battlefield, against the enemy, faithfully following the glorious traditions of her past.
The Lord sees that WE have not taken up arms for bellicose intentions or fussy mudane glory but for protection and dignity of OUR God guarded Empire, WE fight for a righteous cause. In the becoming war of peoples WE are not alone: along with us have risen OUR valiant allies, who also have been forced to resort to the force of arms for final removal of the constant threat to peace and tranquility from the Germanic powers.
May the Allmighty God bless OUR weapons and those of OUR allies and may the whole Russia rise to heroic deeds in the war with iron in hands and cross in heart.
Given in St. Petersburg on the 26th of July in the year thousand nine hundred and fourteen after the birth of Christ and in the twentieth year of OUR rule.
In the original HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY has signed with his Own hand


Translated from Finnish by Pauli Kruhse.

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