Declaration of war by Russia against Sweden, 10. February 1808.

Rightly outraged by the violence that England has committed against the king of Denmark, the Emperor of Russia, true to his character and the uncessant care for the interests of his empire, did notify the King of Great Britain, that he can not remain indifferent to unjust and so unheard of aggression, which a sovereign to whom he is united by ties of blood and friendship, and who is most oldest ally of Russia, has just experienced . His Imperial Majesty has informed the King of Sweden for his determination by a note of 24th of last September, delivered to the Swedish Ambassador at his court. One article of the treaty concluded in 1783 between the Empress Catherine and King Gustav III, and one of the stipulations of the treaty of 1800 between the Emperor Paul and the current king of Sweden contain the mutual commitment to support the principle that the Baltic is a closed sea, to ensure mutual protection of the coasts of this sea against any kind of hostilities, violence or harassment, and to employ for that purpose all the means that are in the power of the Parties Contracting. His Imperial Majesty, referring to the treaties, believed that this not only permitted but compelled to invoke the King of Sweden to cooperate with him against England. - His Swedish Majesty has not disavowed the aforesaid treaty obligations, but has refused to cooperate until the French themselves were far from the coasts of Germany, and until the ports of the country were open to British ships. But the question was first to stop the aggression that England had begun, and that disturbed the peace of Europe. The emperor asked the King of Sweden for cooperation based on treaties, while His Swedish Majesty responded with a proposal to return at another time the execution of treaties, and appears to deal only with the care of open ports from Germany to England, or, in other words, claims to serve this same England against whom he is resorting instead to defensive measures. ITserait difficult by the King of Sweden, to show more bias in favour of Great Britain. His Imperial Majesty sent on 16. November a second note, which is informed by Her Majesty Swedish rupture between Russia and England, this paper remained unanswered for two months, and that which it did on 7. January, had no other aim than in the previous Swedish communications. The Emperor do not regret, however, the moderation he has shown he loves the contrary, remembering that he had used all possible means to bring His Majesty Swedish year only system of policy in the interest of its states, but her Majesty is to end its people and its security empire, supreme law of a sovereign, not to let indecision in the matter of cooperation of Sweden. Informed the Cabinet of St. James, striving to bring Denmark into its alliance, the threat to occupy Zealand by Swedish troops, and to ensure possession of Norway year King of Sweden; assured of Also, that his Swedish Majesty, while not responding to the note of Russia, at the same time was negotiating a secret treaty in London - His Imperial Majesty is convinced that the interests of his empire would suffer if it allowed his neighbor king of Sweden, at the commencement of a war between Russia and England, to disguise his feelings known for the latter power under the guise of a supposed neutrality. His Imperial Majesty does not therefore allow the continuation of current relations between Sweden and Russia, she can not consent to such neutrality. The intentions of Her Majesty in Sweden was more dubious, it remains to His Imperial Majesty to resort to the use of those means which Providence has placed in his power -for the sole purpose of protecting the security of its states, and found it proper to notify its intentions to the King of Sweden and throughout Europe. Having thus fulfilled the obligations imposed upon the interests of its member. His Imperial Majesty is ready to change the measures it is time to take simple precautionary measures, if the King of Sweden joined without delay Denmark and Russia, to close the Baltic to the England until the conclusion of a maritime peace. The Emperor invites the King in a brotherly way, feeling the sentiments of a real friendship, and fear the last time, no longer hesitate to fulfill his obligations, and embrace the only system of policy suitable to the interests of powers of the North. Sweden, what has she gained since its king was attached to England? Nothing could be difficult to pin her Majesty than to see a burst rupture between Sweden and Russia, but Her Majesty Swede still has the means to prevent mis event, in deciding for a system that can only preserve the union and perfect harmony between the two states. 
Quelle: Nouveaux supplémens au Recueil de Traités et d'autres actes remarquables, fondé par George Frédéric de Martens. Nr. 31. Tome I. 1761-1829. Suivis d'un appendice par Frédéric Murhard. Goettingue, La Libraries de Dietrich, 1839. Digitized by Google.

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