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"Propagandist and agitator of the RKKA", Nr. 22, November 1939:

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Finland is the northernmost neighbour of the USSR in the West. It borders to Leningrad region and Karelian ASSR. Its territory makes 380 thousand square kilometers, and the population is 3.8 million (88 percents of Finns, 11 percents of Swedes and others). The capital of Finland, Helsinki (Helsingfors) has 280 thousand inhabitants. Finland includes also the Aland Islands located where the Baltic Sea opens into the Gulfs of Bothnia and Finland. The main riches of Finland are forests which cover about 70 percents of its total area. Finland has almost no mineral riches.

In the beginning of XIV century Finland was conquered by Swedes whose domination continued until 1809. In 1809 Imperial Russia won Finland from Sweden. It was only after the Great October Socialist Revolution when Finland received independence from the hands of the Soviet government. One could expect that the government of Finland should be grateful to her great neighbour. However, this is not the case. Just the opposite, the Finnish bourgeois "Swinehead"*) government as called by V.I.Lenin, after having received sovereignty, adopted an especially hostile policy in relations to the USSR. In 1918 it sank in blood the workers' revolution in Finland.

As the result of the Soviet government's policy of peace a treaty between the RSFSR and Finland was concluded on October, 14th, 1920. Despite of this agreement, the big bosses of Finland continued to conduct an unmistakably hostile anti-Soviet policy.

In the beginning of 1922 White Finns organized plundering expeditions to Soviet Karelia with help of English and French imperialism. We all know that the White Finns were completely battered and thrown out over the USSR borders by the valiant units of our glorious Red Army.

This somewhat calmed down the fervour of Finnish adventurists. But the reactionary circles of the Finnish bourgeoisie, warmed up by foreign cabinets and defying the will of the people of Finland, continued conducting up till now an anti-Soviet campaign of lies and threats. No slander or fantasy tale about the USSR disgusted them, they allowed themselves to commit systematically malevolent tricks against the Soviet State, dreaming about capturing the whole northern part of Soviet Union. Obviously, the Finnish "swineheads'" minds had totally grown dull and made them delirious.

Now, when the largest countries of Europe are at state of war that English, French and American imperialists aspire to expand into a new world-wide carnage, the Soviet government cannot just indifferently watch the hostile escapades of the Finnish bourgeois clique. Soviet Union, fighting for peace, strives to ensure safety in approaches to her borders, especially from the direction of Gulf of Finland, and she will not accept that small states adjoining to us, may become involved in the orbit of war loosing their independences and becoming thus bridge-heads for an attack against the USSR. Therefore Soviet Union has concluded treaties of mutual assistance with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, countries friendly to us. The Soviet government hoped that also Finland will proceed to conclude a similar contract with us. But the Finnish government took another position. It gave not only a vulgar response to peaceful proposals of the USSR, but the present Finnish rulers impudently broke off the negotiations.

Comrade Molotov said in the report on foreign policy of Soviet Union at the Fifth Extraordinary Session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR:

"We are assured that the leading Finnish circles will understand correctly the value of strengthening of the Soviet-Finnish friendship and that Finnish state functionaries will not be tempted into any anti-Soviet pressure and incitement whatever direction it comes from".

However, the Finnish government bosses have not drawn any conclusions of the words of Comrade Molotov. Following a command from London they have transformed Finland into a military camp. A mobilization of 25 classes was carried out in Finland. At nights blackouts were enforced in cities. Over 7 divisions of Finnish troops have been concentrated in the Karelian isthmus where the Finnish border lies 32 kilometers from Leningrad. The press and government heads stir up fierce anti-Soviet propaganda. They directly threaten war against Soviet Union.

The Finnish big bosses have brought with their military actions and imperialistic politics a full-scale exhaustion into their country. They have shifted the whole burden of military expenses on shoulders of workers who even without this lived in a terrible poverty. You only have to tell that landowners and kulaks have captured 70 percent of the land into their hands, and the 400 thousand Finnish peasants' households are landless. The workers do not live any better. Private entrepreneurs do not pay their wages for months. Families of the mobilized people are not provided with due allowances. Houseowners throw them out into streets for unpaid rents. They are doomed to hungry lives. The evacuees from cities, close to the USSR border, live in terrible conditions. It would be no harm if even the Finnish "swineheads" might remember this flimsiness of the rear. Would it be time to gag these big-mouthed "soldiers"! On the 3rd of November "Pravda" commented this clearly: "Well, and how we, the Soviet people? How should we react to this hypocritical ballyhoo?

Our answer is simple and clear. We don't give a damn to all sorts of games of political gamblers, we shall take our road, paying no attention to anything. We shall secure the safety of the USSR that goes without mentioning, crushing every obstacle on a way to this goal".

The Soviet people will pay the way they deserved the provocative shots of the Finnish rulers who have gone too far and lost their minds.

The Finnish bourgeoisie and those circles, who commanded the planning of provocations of the Finnish army at our border, will long remember the answer of the Soviet government.

If the Finnish bourgeoisie's brain is not capable to understand, how the boasting Polish nobility cringed in front of its masters before becoming itself ruined, then the Finnish bourgeoisie shall feel this method of demonstrative lessons on its own skin.

Soviet people will not respond to provocations of the masters of the Finnish bourgeoisie, but it neither will leave unpunished the heinous sally of scarecrows budding amongst "Swineheads'" offsprings.
*) Pehr Evind Svinhufvud, lawyer, constitutionalist, head of the Finnish government 1917-18, received the recognition of Finnish independence from Lenin at Smolny 1917/1918, later 1931-37, he was President of Finland. His Swedish language name means literally "swinehead".

Source: The publication "Propagandist and agitator of the RKKA" of the political administration of Workers' and Peasants' Red Army (RKKA) ("ПРОПАГАНДИСТ И АГИТАТОР РККА" - Орган политического управления РККА), Moscow, Nr. 22, November 1939. (Oldgazette.ru). The translation into English (by Pauli Kruhse) is based on the translation from Russian into Finnish, kindly provided by Lahja Huovila.

Molotov's note (December 26) concerning alleged shelling of Soviet territory by Finnish artillery and the following four days' diplomatic correspondence published by the Finnish Foreign Ministry in 1940.

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