1917. The Collection of Decrees of the Grand Duchy of Finland. Nr 102.

Communication of the Diet of Finland

relating to instituting of the Government of Finland.

Issued at Helsinki on the 27th of November, 1917.

The Diet of Finland, after resolving at its plenary session of November 15 to take for the present the power that according to the statutes has previously been vested in the Emperor and the Grand Duke, has ordered today that the State Government will consist of persons listed below.

      M e m b e r s  o f  G o v e r n m e n t : (Picture)

Chairman, Procurator P. E. SVINHUFVUD,
Head of Judiciary Department, Doctor of Law ONNI TALAS,
Head of Department of the Interior, Municipal Chief Judge ARTHUR CASTRÉN,
Deputy Head, Doctor of Law ALEXANDER FREY,
Head of Finance Department, Bank Director JUHANI ARAJÄRVI,
Head of Ecclesiastical and Educational Department Professor E. N. SETÄLÄ,
Head of Agricultural Department, Farmer KYÖSTI KALLIO,
Deputy Head, Bachelor of Agriculture E. Y. PEHKONEN,
Head of Department of Transportation and Public Works, Superintendent, Professor JALMAR CASTRÉN,
Head of Department of Commerce and Industry, Doctor of Law HEIKKI RENVALL,
Head of Department of Social Affairs, Licentiate of Philosophy O. W. LOUHIVUORI.
         Helsinki, on the 27th of November, 1917.

                    For the Diet of Finland:

	                  Johannes Lundson,

            Lauri Ingman,		       Santeri Alkio,
             Vice Chairman.	                     Vice Chairman.

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