The communiqué on the visit of the Finnish Foreign Minister to Moscow

11 February 1937 Izvestia, 11 February 1937

The People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs has had a number of interviews with M. Holsti, the Finnish Foreign Minister, who has been on a visit to Moscow. They provided the opportunity for a friendly and comprehensive exchange of views on questions both of Soviet-Finnish relations and of the general international situation. The conclusion was reached that the agreements in existence between the USSR and Finland provided the framework for uninterrupted friendly and good-neighbourly relations and that both Governments will continue their efforts to this end. It was further agreed that the present international situation requires that all pacific States should make special efforts to strengthen peace on the bases of collective security and other League principles, and that, since they are directed to this end, the foreign policies of the Soviet and Finnish Governments make useful collaboration between them possible.
Source: Soviet documents on foreign policy (by Jane Degras), vol. III. 1933-1941. Geoffrey Cumberlege, Oxford University Press, 1953.

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