Between the Royal Swedish army in North Finland, and the Imperial Russian army.

By virtue of the powers vested in us, we, the undersigned, have agreed and stipulated the following articles :

1. The Royal Swedish army is, immediately after the notification of this convention, to take up a position along the frontiers of the district of Uleaborg, from Kemi to Porkawara. Kemi, in consequence, remains in the hands of the Russians.

2. The Swedish army is to evacuate the town of Uleaborg, within ten days next ensuing the date of this convention, and the Russian troops are to take possession of the said town on the 30th of November. The other parts of the country which are to be given up to the Russians, shall be evacuated according to the agreement yet to be concluded between the contracting parties.

3. The rear of the Swedish army shall retreat by the route agreed upon, and whatever cannot be removed by the Swedish troops in their retreat, shall be considered as a good and lawful prize.

4. The Swedish army binds itself neither to destroy, distribute among the inhabitants, nor sell the magazines which they shall be necessitated to surrender.

5. The Swedish troops are not to take either from Uleaborg, or other places to be surrendered, any civil officers, nor any articles or goods belonging to the provinces.

6. The Swedish army is to send back all clergymen, civil officers, and inhabitants of the places evacuated by their troops, provided it be done by the desire or with the consent of the said persons.

7. This convention shall be ratified by the respective generals in chief of both armies, and the ratifications exchanged to-morrow night.

Olkjocki, Nov. 7-18, 1808
Baron Adlercreutz.
Count Kamenski.

Count Buxhoevden, General in Chief of the Imperial Russian army, proposed additional articles of the convention, concluded between the Royal Swedish army in North Finland,and the Imperial Russian army. Nov. 8-20, 1808.


Art. 1.
The armistice concluded between the two armies is to continue one month next ensuing, the day on which the Swedish army crosses the district of the frontiers of Uleaborg, or until January 12, 1809, and notice of the cessation of the armistice shall be given at least fifteen days before hostilities are recommenced.

Art. 2.

During the armistice, the Imperial Russian troops are not to cross the river Kemi.

    Head-Quarters, Limingo, 20 Nov. 1808.

C.N. af Klercker

General, I have the honour to inform you, that the convention, which was yesterday concluded, has been ratified by his excellency General Count Buxhoevden, and I shall now transmit it to Count Potemkin, in order that the exchange of the ratification may be effected. With regard to the armistice in question, I have his excellency's command to acquaint you, that although, he must decline the conclusion of a formal armistice, yet he engages his word of honour, that he will not recommence hostile operations against the Swedish army, before the expiration of fourteen days, after the Swedish array shall have taken up the position stipulated in the above convention, in hopes that no operations will be commenced on your part within the said time. I have the honour to be, &c.

Count Kamensky.
Brahestad, 8-20th Nov.

Source/Lähde: Flower's Political review and monthly register. (monthly miscellany) edited by Benjamin Flower 1808

VOL. IV. - FROM JULY TO DECEMBER INCLUSIVE. - 1808. London 1808. Copy: Google Books.

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