Germans land in Finland, April 3, 1918.


On April 3, 1918, German troops landed in Hanko in accordance with the invitation of the Finnish government; after troops with their reinforcements had captured Helsinki on April 14, 1918, the advance toward inland started. Picture 1.
Captions under the first line: The Finnish General Mannerheim in Helsinki - General von der Goltz, commander of the German troops in Finland - commander of naval forces Rear Admiral Meurer - The head of the State of Finland President*) P.E. Svinhufvud
Captions under the second line: German machine gun unit fighting the Red Guard on the railway line from Hanko to Helsinki - German railway sappers advancing using a trolley on the track between Hanko and Helsinki

Finnish troops captured Viipuri on May 1, 1918. The Red Guards were defeated on May 3, 1918, after five days' fighting on the Lahti-Hämeenlinna area (20,000 taken as prisoners). Picture 2.
Captions under the first line: German vessels amidst ice at Hanko - A view of Helsinki (center above) - The Red Guards barracks caught by fire
Second line, on the left: The Viapori sea fortress - on the right: Count von der Goltz greeted in Helsinki by city council leaders
Captions under the third line: Aerial photo of Helsinki (a bigger one) - The Viipuri Castle - A hurrah to Germany

*) Even though P.E. Svinhufvud was the head of the Government, he didn't hold the office of the President but much later. The first president, K.J. Ståhlberg, was elected in 1919.

Source: Grosser Bilderatlas des Weltkrieges, Dritter Band. F. Bruckmann A.-G., Munich 1919.

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