1914              COLLECTION              Nr. 38

24th of October (6th of November).

Gracious Manifesto.

Imperial Manifesto about declaring a state of war between Russia and Turkey.

Promulgated on 20th of October (2nd of November) 1914 in Nr. 287 of Collection of Governmental orders and decrees (Art. 2626).

We NICHOLAS II, by the Grace of God, Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, Czar of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland, etc., etc., etc.

Make it known to all OUR loyal subjects:
In the so far unsuccessful battle against Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary, aspiring in every way to increase their power, have seeked help from the Ottoman government and drawn into war against US Turkey they have blinded.
Under German command the Turkish navy treacherously dared to attack OUR Black Sea coast.
Right after this we ordered OUR Russian ambassador in Constantinople as well as all embassy and consular officials to leave Turkish territory.
In full calm and trusting in God's help Russia will meet this new attack by the old oppressor of Christianity and Slavic peoples.
This is not the first time when the valiant weapons of Russia will win Turkish hordes - and punish this time, too, the insolent enemy of OUR fatherland. Together with the whole Russian people WE share the firm belief that the present lunatic involvement of Turkey in military operations will only accelerate the fatal events for her and will open Russia a way to solve on the coast of the Black Sea the historical duties inhereted from the ancestors.
Given in Tsarskoe Selo on the 20th of October in the year thousand nine hundred and fourteen after the birth of Christ and in the twentieth year of OUR rule.
In the original HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY has signed with his Own hand


Translated from Finnish by Pauli Kruhse.

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