A high-post Russian view on the British world hegemony
with a notice of futile Finnish demands for national rights.

The North American review, Volume 169, Issue 512, published in July, 1899, an article by Mr. Vladimir Holmström (Holmstrem) and a foreword to it by the editor and publisher of St. Petersburg Viedomosti, Prince E.E. Ukhtomskii. Prince Esper Esperovich Ukhtomskii (1861-1921, Ookhtomsky in the article) was the personal escort and diary keeper of Nicholas II during his journey as Czarevich to the Orient in 1890-91.

All citations from the Making of America digital collection at Cornell University Library.

Prince Ukhtomskii's foreword to Holmström's article:

A passage commenting Finland's position in Vladimir Holmström's article:

The article (27 pages) also calls for a mutual understanding between Russia and the United States against the deceptive hegemony of Britain and Germany. Mr. Holmström's whole article: "Ex Orient Lux! A Plea for a Russo-American Understanding" .

The amount of Russian speaking inhabitants in Finland, excl. military, was both in 1880 and 1910 a minute 0.2 percent.

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