Lauttasaarta 30 vuoden ajalta - 30 years in Lauttasaari

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1979 Melkonkuja - small street before trees and bushes changed to buildings 1981 Kasinonranta - remnants from the 1930's or earlier 1981 Melkonkatua - a street before its total facelift 1984 juhannus - Midsummer bonfire
1990 Salmisaari - then still 'unhit' by construction companies 1998 Helsinki City Marathon - cups emptied at the 20 km milestone 1998 peilijää - ice like mirror for kilometers 1999 Suomen Tupakka - British American Tobacco building making room for residential apartments
199x Atlas Copco - A Swedish company warehouse was also "doomed" to make room for residential apartments 2000 Lauttasaari-päivä - a fortification tour during the annual local activity day 2001 myrsky - traces of storm 2004 kokko - Midsummer bonfire again
2005 The reconstruction of the old cannon ramparts were celebrated. The main speech was delivered by the city mayor Jussi Pajunen 2009 Lauttasaari was also included in the Google Street View gallery. 2010 A winter time passing ship seen from Lauttasaari may sometimes resemble a distant ghost ship 2010 A quite recent office building must again give space to new more profitable economic values. In the future the old and beautiful copper tinted maple trees will not give their visual pleasure to passers-by
2015 The swamp shaped water tower was torn down in 2015 leaving really many local residents in a state of a deep nostalgy for this "age-long" landmark of Lauttasaari 2016 On proper weather conditions, high pressure and wind blowing from the north, perhaps once in 2-3 years, the sea war will lower, creating a passage to a small off-shore islet of Sisä-Hattu (lit. Inner Hat). A lot of visitors take this advantage for an "off-shore" visit without getting shoes wet
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