Drumsö (Lauttasaari) in contemporary Finnish newspapers
during the Crimean War, 1854-55

Helsingfors Annonsblad nr 70
Sept. 8, 1854

Morgonbladet nr 68
Sept. 4, 1854

"Public notice.

The Governor of the Province finds it necessary, as pointed out in currently issued public notices of Aug. 19 and 23, to warn the general public that commercial or other vessels should use for departure or arrival in this city only the passage from Hästnäs and through the strait of Ungsmun with no exceptions, and greatest caution should be exercised in the vicinity of the islands of Drumsö (Lauttasaari), Melkö or Rönnskär, because passing of these islands close to shoreline is forbidden and the islands should, on departure from the city, be found on the left hand side and on arrival, on the right hand side of the vessel. Likewise, it is strictly forbidden with no excuse to approach by land or sea the western shoreline of the city between Rödbergen, the Guard Gardens and the old Gun Powder Depot near Ulrikaborg Fountain Park or, the boats kept on the shore. By obeying these orders the eventuality of being fired with live ammunition by the military posted on the coastline can be avoided. The Police points out that this public notice must be observed with strict accuracy. Helsinki, the Police Administration, on the 26th of August, 1854. "
Carl Tavaststjerna.

Carl Ruth."

Wiborg nr 64
Aug. 14, 1855

"At 2:40 PM the enemy fire was pretty intensive; up to 30 rounds in a minute. Two enemy frigates and a steamboat have placed themselves between the islands of Melkö and Drumsö and keep up a hefty cannon fire on the latter. The flotilla has already ejected 5,000 bombs."

"At 5 AM, after being hampered on approaching Drumsö with bigger sloops, three frigates opened fire on the woods in the islands. In the afternoon the enemy restarted firing with greater force but still without causing greater damage."

Helsingfors Morgonbladet no 63
Aug. 20, 1855

"Information from other sources: On the 9th of August at noon 1 corvette and 2 frigates opened fire on Drumsö and 2 ships-of-the-line and 1 frigate against Sandhamn; the firing continued until 7:35 PM when it on both places ceased. On Drumsö 7 men were wounded. — On the 10th of August at 11:20 AM a frigate opened again fire on Drumsö and the telegraph caught fire there. It was destroyed at 5:50 PM but already at the noon of the 12th it was operating again."

Wiborg no 67
Aug. 24, 1855

"On our rightmost flank the enemy's efforts aimed at Drumsö; two enemy frigates and one corvette cast anchors in a bay out of the southwestern part of the island, less than a werst from the shore, fired immediately at the telegraph and the whole detachment opened after this a crossfire on the island by incessantly launching salvos.

During this the invaders made several attempts to land on Drumsö with their sloops and landing parties. But after being met with well-aimed fire from hunting weapons and rifles from behind the parapets set up along the coastline, they were compelled to fall back, however, not without losses. At 2 o'clock afternoon, the fire from enemy vessels ended and they retired behind the island of Melkö."

Maamiehen Ystävä no 34
Aug. 25, 1855

"From Helsinki. As we told in our last issue the enemy has ceased since last Saturday to bombard Sveaborg and also other places. On Monday, August 12, at 7:00 AM, it has weighed anchors and the whole flotilla with all its vessels sailed away. With its long range cannon and bomb vessels the enemy had destroyed nearly a half of the buildings in Sveaborg. During the more or less hectic bombardment of 46 hours, Sveaborg, Sandhamn, Drumsö and the shoreline areas of the city were shelled with approximately 15-20,000 pieces of cannonballs and rockets."

Wiborg no 68
Aug. 28, 1855

"— On the second day of the battle, Aug. 10, the enemy restricted its operations concentrating our right flank by bombing Drumsö from 8 AM to 9 PM, this cannon fire was restarted on the 12th of August at 3 PM. They damaged the telegraph and set forest fires that, however, were every time put out immediately."
"The enemy threw according to a fairly credible estamation about 1,000 projectiles on the island of Drumsö, about 17,000 on Sveaborg and batteries on mainland opposite the fortress and more than 3,000 on the island of Sandhamn. Despite of the heavy firing, the casualties were tolerable: we had 44 men, 3 officers and 3 non-commissioned officers killed and 110 wounded."

Translation by Pauli Kruhse.
Source: The Finnish Historical Newspaper Library 1771-1890. Helsinki University Library.

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