Pro Finlandia.

A deputation representing 1,050 European learned men and prominent people tried to leave to the Czar the addresses supporting Finland's campaign to preserve her assured constitutional rights (i.e. changes in legislation need the consent of the Finnish Diet). The Czar did not admit an audience to the deputation. They wrote a report about their experiences at St. Petersburg in Stockholm on the 5th of July, 1899.

Pictures of the address: Britain (128K, notice Florence Nightingale), France (134K, notice Emile Zola, Anatole France), Holland (365K).

Right after the Czar's manifesto of the 3rd of February, 1899, an address of 523,000 names was gathered in Finland. A delegation of 500 people travelled in March to St. Petersburg to leave the address to the Czar. He did not admit an audience to the delegation. He, however, sent a message to them saying that "he is not angry".

Signers: The names those under a particular 'Fol.' have written their names on the same copy of the address.

Texts of the reports, lists of signers and the coat of arms are from the book "Pro Finlandia 1899." Commission chez Otto Mertz, Berlin. Printed in Stockholm 1899.