[9. syyskuuta vuonna 1165...1181 - Tusculanum (Tusculum).]

Paavi Aleksanteri III:n kirje Upsalan arkkipiispa Stefanille, hänen alaisilleen ja jaarli Guttormille. Pystyttämällä linnoituksia Suomeen voidaan estää suomalaisia luopumasta kristillisestä uskosta.

Alexander Papa III. Vpsellensi Archiepiscopo & suffraganeis eius, & Guthermo duci.

Grauis admodum & difficilis est ad Apostolicam sedem querela perlata, quod Phinni semper imminente sibi exercitu inimicorum, fidem seruare Christianam promittunt, & prædicatores & eruditores Christianæ legis desideranter requirunt, & recedente exercitu fidem abnegant, prædicatores contemnunt, & grauiter persequuntur. Vnde quoniam in hoc Deo illudere, & Christianam religionem deridere videntur, & illis se duplo filios gehennæ constituentibus, salus & vita eorum tota in terrenis, neglectis cælestibus, conspicitur consistene: nec est dignum, vt eis in aduersitate Christianum nomen defensionem conferat, quod in prosperitate despicere & horrere probantur: universitatem vestram monemus, atque mandamus, quatinus a fallacijs & fraudibus eorum ita prudenter & discrete de cætero caueatis, quod si ingruerit necessitas, ad auxilium & defensionem vestram non possint recurrere, nisi munitiones, si quas habent, vobis tenendas assignent, aut alias, adeo sufficientem cautionem exhibeant & securitatem, quod a modo nullatenus pedes retrahere, aut vestram prudentiam valeant circumuenire: sed Christianæ fidei documenta cogantur tenere firmiter & seruare: ne amplius de eorum numero videantur, de quibus dictum est, Confitebitur tibi, cum benefeceris ei. Datum Tuscul. V. Idus Septembris.

How heavy and very difficult to take complaints to the Holy See reported that Phinn is always imminent, the army of enemies, they promise to keep the faith of Christians and Christian preachers and teachers in the petition demanding the withdrawal of the army and deny the Faith preachers serious, and seriously pursued. Therefore, since, in this trifle with God, and the Christian religion to make fun of religion seem to be, & insinuates itself into them twofold more the children of hell constituent, salvation, the life of the whole to be in the terrestrial, the most overlooked and to heavenly things, to be seen of which it consists: neither is there worthy of his owne followers what in the adversity of a Christian the name of the defense of the compare the two, which is in the the success of to despise & be in dread of being tried by the universe, we warn, and we command you, that from the misconcepts and artifices of their hearts in such is cautiously and with discretion, in the future God beware, that if there is an obligation to come to their aid and defense, you will not be able to have recourse, but the mounds, which they have received, but for you to keep for to which people assign, or at another time, such a degree sufficient to acquire this skill they exhibit & security, is in a manner by no means the feet of draw us away from, or how have I the wisdom of the may be able to surround us: the: but to the Christian teachings of faith are compelled by necessity to hold firmly and to keep the can no longer think of their number, they may be seen, from them of whom it was said, he will confess to thee, when good to him. Given Tuscul. V. middle of September.
Lähde: Svenskt Diplomatarium, toim. Joh. Gust. Liljegren, I Band, Åren 817-1285, Stockholm 1829. Englanninkielinen konekäännös <-- Google Translate.

Stefan av Alvastra, oli Alvastran luostarin munkki ja vuodesta 1164 Ruotsin ensimmäinen arkkipiispa. Hän kuoli 1185. Guttorm Austmannsson oli kuningas Karl Sverkersonin (1130-1167) jaarli. Tusculum, antiikin raunioitunut kaupunki n. 25 km Roomasta luoteeseen.

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