In Russian.

For freedom of the people of Finland

Vsevolod Rozdestvenski

The day when Soviet troops crossed the Finnish border

Josif Koltunov

Finland, on the 30th of November, 1939

Field army

Nikolai Volkov

December 1, 1939

Aleksander Prokofiev

A march song

From the collection of poems "To the Glory of Motherland. Poems and songs of the Red Army and Navy" section "For the freedom of the people of Finland". State Publishing House "Artistic Literature", Leningrad, 1940. Translated by Pauli Kruhse from the Finnish translation by Lahja Huovila, 2010.

За свободу финского народа (pdf, in Russian). Из коллекции Во славу родины. Стихи и песни о Красной Армии и Военно-Морском Флоте. 1940. Государственное Издательство "Художественная Литература", Ленинград.

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Finland in the Great Power politics, 1939-1940.

Finland in the Soviet Foreign policy, 1939-1940. Documents and other material of the People's Commissariat of the USSR for Foreign Affairs, and from other contemporary sources..