THE following preliminary
articles of peace between Sweden and Russia were signed at Abo, the 16th of June, by the plenipotentiaries of both crowns.

"I. There shall be an eternal peace and perfect friendship between Sweden and Russia; to which end hostilities on either side are to cease, as soon as the chiefs and commanders by sea and land can be informed of the signature of the present act; for which purpose notice shall be given of it to them as soon as possible.

II. In consideration of the recommendation of her Majesty the Empress, and of his Imperial Highness the Great Duke of Russia, the states of the kingdom of Sweden will consent to elect and declare his Highness the Prince Adolph Friderick, Administrator of the duchy of Holstein, and Bishop of Lubeck, for successor to the crown of Sweden, as soon as it can be done after the arrival of the present act at Stockholm. His Majesty and the crown of Sweden yield for ever and perpetually to her Majesty the Empress of Russia, and her successors, the province of Keymene Gard [Kymmenegård], with all the branches and mouths of the river of Keymene [Kymmene], otherwise called Keltis, in such manner that the and its inhabitants on the West side of its last branch remain to Sweden, and the country situated on the East and North sides as far as the frontiers of Tavastahus and Savolax, remain to Russia.

Besides which, the ministers of Sweden yield to Russia, in hopes of its being ratified by their court, the town and fortress of Nyslot [Nyslott, Savonlinna], with a frontier on the West and North sides, of two Swedish leagues, more or less, according to the situation of the ground, in such manner, that from the distance of the said two leagues, there shall be drawn a line towards the frontier of Carelia on the East, and towards the frontier of Keymene Gard, on the South.

III. Her Majesty the Empress of Russia consents, as soon as it can be done, and immediately upon the election above stipulated having been actually effected, as also the formal and perpetual treaty of peace being concluded and ratified, to restore for ever to his Majesty and the crown of Sweden, out of her present possessions in Finland, the following provinces, viz. Osthrobothnia, Biorneborg, Abo, the isles of Aland, as also Tavastahus, and Nylandia, with all their dependencies. At the same time the ministers-plenipotentiary of Russia yield to Sweden, in hopes of its being ratified by their court, that part of Carelia which by the treaty of Nystadt falls to the share of Sweden, as also the province of Savolax, excepting the town and fortress of Nyslot with its frontier, as stipulated in the preceeding article.

His Imperial Highness the Great Duke of Russia consents, in confideration of the aforesaid election, to renounce the pretensions which he himfelf and the house of Holstein have in Sweden, which shall be done immediately afterwards by a formal and proper act. In case, contrary to all expectation, and in hatred of the aforesaid election, Sweden should be molested, Russia on her part, shall take, in conjunction with Sweden, such proper measures as may prevent any thing of that nature.

IV. After the signature of the present act, the ministers shall continue to work upon the formal treaty, which shall be concluded on the foot of that of Nystadt, except what relates to the above mentioned frontiers of Finland, and the other articles which have no relation with the present circumstances.

The said treaty between Sweden and Russia shall be finally concluded without delay, or loss of time.

There shall be made two exact copies of this act, the ratifications of which shall be exchanged in a fortnight, or sooner if possible.

In witness whereof, &c."

Source: The Scots Magazine. Volume V. 1743. Foreign history. July. Digitized by Google.

The final Peace Treaty of Aug. 17 contained these stipulations plus technical procedures for releasing the prisoners, &c. and the exact definition for the new borderline between Russia and Finland, as a part of Sweden. The Swedish Diet unanimously approved the election of Adolph Friedrich, Prince and Bishop of Lubeck and the administrator of Holstein-Kiel, a descendant of a renown Scandinavian royal family but that way also a relative of the Russian empress, as the crown prince of Sweden.

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