by the Grace of God

Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias

etc. etc.

Grand Duke of Finland

etc. etc.

do make known: That, Providence having placed Us in possession of the Grand Duchy of Finland, We have desired hereby to confirm and ratify the Religion and the Fundamental Laws of the Land as well as the privileges and rights which each class in the said Grand Duchy in particular, and all the inhabitants in general, be their position high or low, have hitherto enjoyed according to the Constitution. We promise to maintain all these benefits and laws firm and unshakeable in their full force.

In confirmation whereof WE have signed this Act of Assurance with OUR own hand. Given in Borgå (Porvoo) on the 15/27th* of March 1809.

The original is signed under the Supreme Own Hand.


* The contemporary Finnish text gives the date as above. The Russian text (according to Alopaeus) gives a date which is one day later.

Translation based on the book "Finland and the Tsars 1809-1899", by Joseph R. Fisher, Edward Arnold (publ.), 2. ed., London, 1901.

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