In German

Cronberg, the 14th of December, 1918.

To the Envoy and Plenipotentiary Extraordinary
Minister of Finland                                            
Dr. E. H j e l t , Esq.                    
His Excellency           
B e r l i n

Your Excellency

I request that you would inform your Government in my name of the following, in purpose of making it known to the People of Finland:

The change in the general political situation inevitably affect also Finland, whose people had decided to entrust me the care of her welfare. In my letter of the 4th of November to the President of the Diet I had to withhold the final decision, on grounds that, however, do not exist anymore; instead of these, other difficulties also mentioned then have intensified and have unavoidably stepped between Finland's duty towards herself and her obligation towards me.

Recognizing this I do not hesitate a moment to set her free from the last one.

When I relieve Finland from her moral obligations towards me, she receives all what I, in these circumstances, can give her. No further words are needed. I know that I am understood.

I forward to this country of steadfast eyes my and my nearest ones' salutation and gratitude for many friendly manifestations deep from the heart. May its dear people achieve happiness, men, women and the lovely youth where the hope for the future rests on!

Signed Friedrich Karl.           

Source: The Archives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Finland).
Translation from Finnish and German by Pauli Kruhse (© 2007)

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