The Times' news on reactions in Swedish newspapers, Nov. 30, 1939



The American Ambassador in Moscow, Mr. Steinhart, who has been here on a private visit for a week, left Stockholm to-day in a specially chartered aeroplane for Riga, whence he will continue his journey by train to Moscow. The decision was taken so suddenly that only after his departure were his regrets sent that he could not take part in a shooting party arranged for this afternoon and Thursday. A connexion is seen here between the rapid change in his plans and the Finno-Russian complications.

There is copious Press comment on the Russian denunciation of the Non-Aggression Pact with Finland.

Svenska Dagbladet says: "We have received a new lesson in the value of non-aggression pacts between small States and great Powers." Svenska Morgonbladet says: "The world never saw a more obvious application of the fable of the wolf and the lamb... The stage now appears to be set for a coup of attack of the kind which the world has witnessed again and again during the last few years." Stockholmstidningen says: " History knows few instances of such unity in the face of danger as the Finnish nation shows, and it should be added that Northern opinion was never so united in support of one of the Northern States. We are not so blind as not to see that Finland's danger is our danger, and that the pressure against the North becomes harder with every success."

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