The Law
of the Sejm on the Supreme Power in Finland.

It is hereby decreed: With the cessation of the rights of the monarch, in accordance with the decision of the Sejm of Finland, the following becomes effective:br>
1 .

The Sejm of Finland alone decides, affirms, and decrees on the implemention of all Finnish laws, among them those dealing with finances, taxation, and customs. The Sejm also decides definitely on all other Finnish affairs which were, in accordance with the statutes in force up to this time, subject to the decision of the Tsar-Emperor and the Grand Duke.

The provisions of this law do not extend to matters of external policy or to military legislation and administration.

2 .

The Sejm meets in regular session without special convocation and sets the time of closing of the session. Pending the publication of a new form of government in Finland, the Sejm exercises, in accordance with Article 18 of the Sejm statute, the right to decide on the conducting of new elections and the dissolution of the Sejm.

3 .

The Sejm shall designate the executive power of Finland.

The Supreme Executive Power is temporarily executed by the economic department of the Finnish Senate, whose members are appointed and dismissed by the Sejm.

Source: Rech', No. 164, July 15, 1917. In The Russian Provisional Government 1917. Documents. Selected and edited by Robert Paul Browder and Alexander Kerensky. Stanford University Press, 1961.

The manifesto of the Russian Provisional Government about dissolving the Finnish Diet, June 31, 1917.

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