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Viipuri/Vyborg - pictures

Pictures taken by Pauli Kruhse in Sept. 1996 and in 1966 (no copyright restrictions).

Map of the city in 1902 (714K).

Linnankatu Round Tower Round Tower - inside Bell Tower Bell Tower
Castle Castle from far City view City view Bank of Finland building

  1. A view from Castle Street (Krepostnaya ulitsa)
  2. The Round Tower (Kruglaya Bashnya) on the Market Square, built by the Swedish king Gustavus Vasa in 1547-50, previously and now a restaurant; inside: wall pictures by Topi Vikstedt. The market square and the Round Tower in 1966
  3. The Belfry Tower (Kolokol'nya-zvonitsa) of the Old Cathedral aka Watchtower (Chasovaya bashnya), from the 15th century, upper part from the 18th century; another view from the opposite direction
  4. The Castle (Vyborgskii zamok) 1) as seen from the Northern Harbour, 2) further away from the railway bridge. The castle originates from 1293. Only a small part of the original is still left. The octagonal tower was built in 1561-64. Later the castle was left without proper care and was badly ruined. A large renovation was done in 1891-94.
  5. Views from the Castle Tower: 1) towards the city harbour, the red building is the old Rathaus from the 17th century, later the city museum; in front of the building there is a statue of the Swede Tyrgils Knutsson, founder of the castle; you can discern the Belfry Tower behind the Rathaus, 2) towards the city center
  6. The former office building of the Bank of Finland, built 1910. Architect G. Nyström.


  • Yuri Aleinikov's photos of Vyborg
    Eine kurze Geschichte der Stadt Wiburg 1906. (In German)
    The environs of Wiborg 1855 (890 K)
    Viborg i boken "Topografisk Öfversigt öfver Finland" av Friedr. Rühs. 1827. (In Swedish)

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