On February 4, 1940

1) Purchased agents enemies of the USSR spread in the foreign press spread that the "Finnish planes raided and bombarded in reagions of the USSR, in Kronstadt, Soviet warships that caught fire", etc. The headquarters said that all these rumors are a sheer fabrication. The Finnish air force, despite the fact that it "was the newest aircraft from Britain, France, USA, Sweden, Italy," is not only doing "raid", but was unable to defend command posts of the Finnish headquarters in Lahti, Rovaniemi, in Sortavala, in Viipuri, which are smashed by Soviet aircraft. There were no air raid of the Finnish air force against Kronstadt or any other areas in regions of the USSR and will not be.

2) The same paid enemy agents against the USSR argue in the foreign press that "on the Karelian Isthmus and near to the north Ladoga began a big offensive of the Soviet troops whose prospects are yet clear". The staff declares that this statement is also deprived of any basis. Actually on the Karelian Isthmus and near to the north Ladoga, only partial cpnfrontations of several companies of purely local character, accompanied by short artillery firefight have taken place. It is possible that from the point of view of microscopic scales of operations of the western front in Europe, collision of many companies looks like a "big offensive". But to us such scales seem ridiculous and we cannot consider colnfrontation of many companies neither big, nor small offensive.

"Pravda" No. 34 (8080) from February 4, 1940. .

Source : [Highest party school at CPSU Central Committee.] Foreign policy of the USSR. Collection of documents. T. IV. No. 400. Moscow — 1946.

Finland in the Soviet foreign policy 1939-1940 . Machine assisted translation by Pauli Kruhse.